An Independent Thai Law Firm 


Dej-Udom & Associates Attorneys-at-Law, an independent law firm located in Bangkok, Thailand, was founded in 1986. Developed as a multi-service legal provider, the firm’s experienced partners and legal experts deliver counsel in matters involving Intellectual Property, Corporate Law and Services, Litigation, Immigration & Employment, Taxation, and Banking and Investment. Dej-Udom & Associates has established a reputation for being the law firm of choice for a wide variety of Thai and multinational companies. Over the past 30 years, the firm has provided in-depth legal services on matters ranging from company formation and trademark registrations to arbitrations and Supreme Court proceedings. Our legal team is dedicated to following the best practices respecting the ideals and integrity of the founder of the firm, Professor Dej-Udom Krairit.


An important aspect of the firm’s mission is to look beyond Thailand and help prepare young legal professionals to function at international levels in the era of globalization and work in cross-border roles that overcome differences brought about by culture and languages. 


Dej-Udom & Associates holds a well-established, trustworthy presence in Thailand and throughout its well-known network in six continents and has garnered confidence and goodwill from the Thai and international companies that have relied on the firm for over 30 years. Our team of lawyers and legal professionals deliver in-depth legal services including general legal counsel, litigation, investment advisory, corporate compliance, and business startup to a diverse range of clients. Apart from its regular services, the firm also specializes in alternative dispute resolution with an emphasis on conciliation and arbitration and has considerable experience in both conciliation and arbitration litigation and adjudication under multiple international rules and statutes including the Thai Arbitration Institute (TAI Rules), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Rules), and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL Statutes). Dej-Udom & Associates has also been involved in many successful cases tried before government units, the Administrative Court, and the four Specialized Courts – The Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, the Bankruptcy Court, the Tax Court, and the Labor Court.


The Dej-Udom & Associates “China Desk”


The Thai government has eased its foreign economic policy to help improve Thailand’s competitiveness including the promotion of foreign investment incentive policies and the completion of major infrastructure projects. Thailand’s friendly foreign investment policy has attracted many Chinese enterprises to invest into Thailand every year.


Dej-Udom Associates Attorney-at-Law knows that a thorough enterprise legal compliance program plays a significant role for Chinese enterprises operating in Thailand. Therefore, we set up a “China Desk” in 2018, which is a professional team providing legal services specifically to Chinese enterprises. Our Chinese Desk consists of 40 local Thai and international lawyers and the team members are fluent in Thai, English, and Mandarin. Based on our 30 years of practical legal experience, we are experts in Thailand’s laws and regulations and understand and can anticipate our Chinese clients’ needs. By integrating Thai and Chinese legal cultures, Dej-Udom & Associates can provide superior legal consultation services in Mandarin for investors and Chinese enterprises in Thailand.


International Registrations under Madrid Protocol


Notifications for the first group of national phase registrations for Thailand under the Madrid Protocol were released in June 2019. While the Madrid Protocol allows for multiple international trademark registrations by using one application, any required office actions must be handled by a trademark professional in the issuing country. Dej-Udom & Associates specializes in office actions for international registrations.

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