Long-Term Resident Visa

Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa

What is the Visa LTR?

We would like to introduce the “Long Term Resident (LTR) visa”, a new visa in Thailand, which offers a range of tax and non-tax advantages to improve the country.

Today, Thailand is already home to multinational corporations from all over the world and is one of the most important tourism destinations in Asia. This new visa program is expected to attract new international residents, technology, and talent who contribute to economic growth in domestic spending. The Government of Thailand’s objective is to attract one million wealthy and talented international residents to the country over the next five years.

The LTR visa will be available in four categories of foreign nationals plus dependents of LTR visa holders.


Privileges for LTR Visa holders

  • 10-year renewable visa
  • Exemption from 4 Thais 1 foreigner employment requirement ratio
  • Permission to work in Thailand (Digital Work Permit)
  • 17% personal tax rate for Highly-skilled professionals
  • Tax exemption for overseas income
  • 1-year report to the Immigration Bureau
  • Fast-track service at international airports in Thailand
  • Multiple re-entry permits


Type of LTR Visa

  • Wealthy Global Citizen
    • Wealthy individuals holding at least USD 1 Million in assets

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  • Wealthy Pensioners
    • Retirees ages over 50 years old who have an annual pension or stable income

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  • Work-From-Thailand
    • Remote working for well-established overseas companies

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  • Highly-Skilled Professional
    • Professionals in targeted industries working for business entities or higher education institutes or research centers or specialized training institutions or Thai government agencies

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  • Dependent
    • Spouse and children under 20 years old of LTR Visa holder

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