Intellecual Property Services from Dej-Udom & Associates

Comprehensive IP Management

Our Intellectual Property Department offers a full suite of services to safeguard your intellectual assets, covering every aspect of IP rights in Thailand. This includes filing, licensing, renewal, enforcement, and prosecution for various intellectual property categories such as Copyrights, Trademarks, Domain Names, Trade Secrets, Geographical Indicators, and Patents. We also extend our reach to handle IP matters in all ASEAN countries through our affiliate network.


Legal Expertise in IP Litigation

In collaboration with our specialized Litigation Department, we provide proficient legal advice on civil and criminal Intellectual Property cases under Thai law. The firm has established strong collaborations with law enforcement agencies, including the police, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and the Department of Special Investigations in the Ministry of Justice, to ensure effective IP protection.


IP Monitoring and Enforcement

Our team conducts vigilant monitoring and investigations to prevent infringement and ensure the optimal use of your IP assets. We work closely with our Litigation Department to formulate legal opinions and pursue litigation when necessary, offering you a robust defence against intellectual property infringements.


Additional IP Services

Beyond traditional IP management, our services include patent drafting, trademark and patent searches, IP valuation, due diligence checks, domain name registration, and IP creation and commercialization strategies.

In summary, Dej-Udom & Associates offers an all-encompassing solution for managing, protecting, and capitalizing on your Intellectual Property, ensuring that your intangible assets are both secure and profitable.



Q. What does your IP practice cover?

A. Our IP services include both prosecution and registration work and administrative appeals for trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and geographical indications (GI).


Q. Do you act as a trademark or patent agent for the IP owner?

A. Yes, for both local and foreign owners.


Q. What are your professional fees for IP work?

A. Our IP service charges are fixed fees for each stage of work. Our fee schedule is available on request.


Q. Is Thailand a member of the Madrid Convention?

A. Yes, Thailand ratified and joined the Madrid Convention.


Q. Is legal enforcement in Thailand against IP infringers workable?

A. Mostly yes, but it does depend on the nature of the case and the supporting evidence.


Q. Do you offer “Cat ‘n’ Mouse” work against IP infringers?

A. Yes, but only for big cats.


Q. Any more questions?

A. Contact


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