Intellectual Property Creation

Dej-Udom & Associates Intellectual Property Creation Services help clients integrate their management, IP, and R&D strategies in order to capitalize on potential innovations and systematically extract value from R&D expenditure. Stimulating the steady acquisition of IP rights from R&D results allows companies to enable the creation of new businesses, secure the profitability of existing businesses, and maximize the contribution of intellectual property to business earnings. By building a relationship of mutual trust and reliance between the Dej-Udom & Associates IP team and those working in R&D, Intellectual Property and R&D activities advance in close coordination to further strengthen business operations. The IP team regularly assists in the development phase and will assess if there is any innovation in process and travels to clients’ factories and labs for this purpose. This allows the IP team to identify any problems and guide the client through a process which leads to better products and procedures and resilient, secure intellectual property.


Intellectual Property Creation

  • Consult on research and development
  • Due Diligence
  • Design logo and trademark
  • Rebranding
  • Devise competitive IP and innovation strategies
  • Heighten the contribution of IP rights to business operations.
  • Define product/service development strategies including trend analysis reports, technical feasibility studies, and target markets definition
  • Implement, review, and optimize R&D projects
  • Multi-year strategic planning and reports on market evolution, competitive landscape and benchmarking, market segmentation, adjacent and emerging markets, and nascent technologies


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