New Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand

In September 2015, a notice appeared in the Thai Government Gazette announcing the launch of the Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV). Thai Embassies are expected to start issuing such visas as of November 13, 2015.

The METV is an addition to the tourist visa. In the past, single-entry or double-entry tourist visas were most commonly issued. The METV permits the holder to travel in and out of Thailand multiple times during the 6-month validity period of the visa with duration of stay of up to 60 days per visit. The cost of an METV will be 5,000 baht. As the METV is newly implemented, please note that all Thai Embassies may not be completely familiar with this type of visa and the requirements for its issuance.

Before the end of the 60 day visit:
• For nationalities that can enter Thailand on a Visa Waiver, the METV visa holder will be permitted to extend such visa in Thailand for another 30 days.
• For nationalities who are required to apply for a visa (such as India, China, Mexico) to enter Thailand, the visa cannot be extended, and the holder must leave the country. However, the visa holder can return for another 60-day stay for as long as the visa is valid.

Under a Tourist visa, engaging in any type of activity considered work is not permitted. Business activities in Thailand which are considered as non-work activities according to the Employment Announcement are limited to the following:
• Attending conference, gathering information, seminar
• Visiting/viewing Exhibition or Trade Shows
• Visiting businesses or holding meeting discussions
• Attending special lectures and educational forums (audience participant)
• Attending technical training and seminar (audience participant)
• Buying products at a Trade Show
• Attending Board/or Directors Meeting in his/her own company

If the Tourist visa holder plans to conduct any business activities outside of the above, they are required to apply for work authorization before undertaking such work in Thailand. This means the individual must enter Thailand with a non-immigrant “B” visa before being able to apply for work authorization.

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