New Online 90-Day Report Filing Service

Effective 1 April 2015, the Thailand Immigration Bureau has implemented its Online 90-day Report Filing Service.

As per the new implementation regarding the 90-day report, a foreigner who remains in Thailand continuously for more than 90-days can now report their current address to the Immigration Bureau using their new online service. However, filers need to be aware that there is a very limited scope of service and limited time for online reporting. Additionally, the new 90-day report is not automatically approved after it has been filed online. Online reporting opens 15 days before the end date of the 90-day period, but ends 8 days later, and the final 7 days are used for the approval process. See the below example. During the 7-day approval period, it is possible to check the status and if approved, print the receipt for the new 90-day report.


Online filing example


Please be aware that  if filing on-line, a receipt must be downloaded as proof of filing. Filing can still be done in person at the immigration office where the filer’s current visa was issued if the filer was unable to file on-line. The filing period at the Immigration Department Office is still 15 days before or 7 days after the date that a foreigner has continuously stayed in Thailand for 90-days.

 Click Here to make to make a 90-day residence report online.

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