Marriage and Birth Certificate Legalization Requirements

Thai Immigration’s One Stop Service Center (OSSC) announced new marriage and birth certificate legalization requirements for nationals from 23 countries that became immediately effective on October 3, 2016. Now, copies of the marriage certificates and birth certificates used in supporting long-term dependent visa applications, both first-year applications and renewal applications, must be officially legalized by either of the following methods before being submitted to the One Stop Service Center (OSSC):

1. The copies must be officially legalized by the concerned Embassy in Thailand; or
2. The copies must be officially legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country and subsequently authenticated by the Thai Embassy in the country where the Documents were first legalized.

This Announcement only applies to Non-BOI companies. The reason behind this announcement is national security. The Immigration Department at the OSSC has discovered that applicants from some of the countries below have made fraudulent filings in the past. The Announcement is being put in place to counter this problem. The list of 23 countries is as follows:

1. Sri Lanka
2. India
3. Pakistan
4. Bangladesh
5. Iran
6. Nepal
7. Togo
8. Nigeria
9. Uganda
10. Ghana
11. Guinea
12. Gambia
13. Senegal
14. Sierra Leone
15. Togo
16. Nigeria
17. Mali
18. Liberia
19. Columbia
20. Chile
21. Bolivia
22. Peru
23. Argentina

Applicants from other nations are still eligible to continue using their original Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates to support their dependent visa applications at the OSSC. However, the same rules will continue to apply if the Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate are non-English documents. Immigration still requires the documents to be first translated into English and subsequently legalized using one of the methods mentioned above. The legalized documents will remain valid and will not have to be re-legalized for future applications.

Please note that the above is only for non-BOI companies at the One Stop Service Center. For all dependent visa extension applications (new & renewal applications) filed through the regular process at the Immigration Bureau, documents must be officially legalized through either one of the methods above, regardless of what nationality the applicant is. The requirement to have these documents officially legalized has been in place for quite some time and applies to all nationalities without exception.

If any of the 23 nations above do not use marriage or birth certificates, for example, India issues relationship certificates, Immigration at both the Immigration Bureau and the One Stop Service Center will always accept the official letter issued by the concerned Embassy in Thailand that certifies the legal relationship between a foreign national and their family. These rules remain unchanged and are still valid.

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